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Reseller Registration

We offer a Reseller program to registered businesses who are legitimate machinery Resellers or toy/hobby retailers. To apply for Reseller status, please fill out the details below. If accepted as a Reseller, you will have access to our complete product list with applicable Reseller prices.

Terms of Payment: The Reseller prices listed are applicable for pre-paid orders (by credit card or other pre-payment method, eg: direct banking; approved by us). All orders are to be paid prior to despatch.

There is no minimum order quantity to qualify for these prices - you can order just a single item or several items as you need them. You can order parts on-line, or by telephone, fax or mail, whichever is most convenient to you. Packing, freight (and insurance if requested) is additional at cost.

Conditions of Sale: Please refer to our conditions of sale as listed under the headings CUSTOMER SERVICE and INFORMATION at the bottom of this page for more information. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may result in non supply of goods and removal from the program.

Username and Password: If accepted as a Reseller, your Username and Password is the key to accessing our reseller prices and much more. We suggest your Username be your email address.

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To register as a reseller, please enter your details below.

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