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Toys for "kids" from 3 to 103!

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About Us

COLLECTOR MODELS is a registered business (a division of CAC Australia Pty. Ltd.) family owned and operated by the Grigg family. Leigh, together with his wife Elizabeth and two sons David and Matthew have a strong interest in the types of models you will see in the products they offer. Leigh's interest goes back to the mid 1950's when he started collecting farm toys as a boy on his family's dairy farm. He was always mechanically minded, which developed from his exposure to machines around the farm, including his farm toys from his childhood, so it is not surprising that Leigh became a qualified Mechanical Engineer, and that his interest in machines of all types is second nature. Perhaps this may help explain his enthusiasm in searching out the best models representing the real machines in use today and in times past, including some unique industrial machinery you might never expect to see a model of.

"It is very satisfying to be able to offer these unique, quality, replica scale models, not easily obtainable elsewhere", Leigh said. "We trust you will enjoy and appreciate them as much as we enjoy bringing them to you".


Our aim is to have satisfied customers by offering the optimum combination of quality, value for money products, and the highest standards of service.