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Postage Cost

The following explanation about postage cost is for parcels delivered to Australian addresses only. Australia Post has changed how we must calculate postage costs. Previously, postage cost was based on actual weight, but now it is charged on the greater of either of these two methods:

Actual weight   ie: weight over the scales.
Cubic weight  ie: calculated by multiplying the length x width x height (cm) x 0.00025
All parcels up to 0.5 kg actual weight are charged at a flat fee no matter where they are sent in Australia

Parcels over 0.5 kg up to 1.0 kg actual weight are charged actual weight depending on the postcode of the destination.

Parcels over 1.0 kg are charged on the greater of the actual weight or cubic weight and depending on the postcode of the destination.

Nearly all parcels over 1.0 kg that we post to you work out to be charged by the cubic weight method. In fact, frequently, the cubic weight method works out about 4 times more expensive than the actual weight method for that parcel. For parcels sent to distant postcodes, postage can be quite expensive.

We pack your parcel in the smallest available carton (that we believe will generally offer adequate protection to your model through the postal system) to minimise “cubic” weight.

Overseas parcels are still charged using the actual weight method.
Please note that the Shipping Cost calculator on this website is for guidance only. You will be billed for actual postage after your order is packed, weighed and measured. This will quite often result a lower postal cost than that shown by the shipping calculator.