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Toys for "kids" from 3 to 103!

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Odds N Ends

Unique? There are some models that are released as special variations of regular editions, or we might have a long discontinued model (most likely there may be only one available), or there might be a model that doesn't fit in any of our usual categories.

Not Quite Right? Occasionally, we may have models that are slightly damaged or have shopsoiled packaging, or perhaps there may be a manufacturing defect. Even damaged models can be used in a diorama or layout; eg: in a diorama of a mechanics workshop “under repair”; or even as spare parts or donor parts for a custom built project of your own. These will be priced very reasonably. All items in this category are offered on a no-return, no warranty basis.

Click Odds N Ends to see if we have anything available that might be of interest to you.